Japanese Style Painter Nansei Sakagami
Japanese Style Painter Nansei Sakagami
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The Newness of Nansei Sakagami
-by Teru Miyamoto
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The Newness of Nansei Sakagamiby Teru Miyamoto <writer>
There is a saying "The most national thing can be the most international." Applied to culture, especially in the field of art, these might be words of deep meaning. The scent, color, form and spirit the country inevitably brews create a certain clear and definite world; we should be aware that that particular world will have spiritual links with the world at large. It is the same in music, painting and literature. Some may fret over the folding screen paintings by Mr.Sakagami, who was born after the war, saying, "Why this kind of old-fashioned thing in the present-day... " In that case, what on earth is newness ? People who criticize classics that have endured throughout history as old-fashioned may choose some form of "newness" to take up, but in some part of their heart they must know that they are only small clever persons dancing in the confines of an epoch. They come to an impasse, and unwittingly pass off a counterfeit as the genuine article.Those kinds of examples are too many to count. The present age is an age in which counterfeits are driving away genuine articles. I think that this wrong notion of "newness" is stagnating and weakening all kinds of fine arts. There isn't any "newness". There is only the good or the bad.

Mr.Hideo Kobayashi says in What endurance is, "Only the things which reject interpretation and don't change are beautiful. This is the strongest thought Norinaga had. This thought must be a well-kept secret in our present age, flooded with interpretations." What wise words these are. What powerfully attracts people is beautiful. And that is what is always "new". When the young Mr.Sakagami uses classic methods, and paints sometimes in painstaking detail, sometimes in elegant simplicity---the "Picture of an Autumn Breeze under the Moon", "Picture of Cherry Blossoms in Spring" and "Picture of Time from Spring to Autumn"---his sensitivity lies hidden beneath the classic Japanese methods. When people who have not yet encountered his sensitivity become intoxicated by its power, the art of Sakagami Nansei will show us what real "newness" is.
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