Japanese Style Painter Nansei Sakagami
Japanese Style Painter Nansei Sakagami
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The Newness of Nansei Sakagami
-by Teru Miyamoto
About Yamato-e
Yamato-e and me

Yamato-e and me
I started learning the oil painting in high school. First, I began with copying the paintings I liked, then I threw myself into studying the European masters such as Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Rafael, Cezanne, Matisse and Bonnard, to name just a few of them. This experience was been useful in learning to meld Eastern and Western beauty.

I also am as greatly interested in literature as I am in paintings, and have some familiarity with classic literature such as "Genji Monogatari" (The Tale of Genji), "Man'yo-shu" (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), and classical Japanese poems. Literature alone was not enough for me and I began to enjoy seeing "Yamato-e" (classical Japanese painting) of the picture scroll of "Genji Monogatari" and more, and let my heart beat fast while I dreamed of the nobleness and romance of the classic aristocratic culture.

After I entered the university, I still liked Renaissance art and the Impressionist style, but also my love for Yamato-e kept growing at the same time. In the end, I choose as my road contemporary Yamato-e style paintings in oil. But then I learned the beauty of paints made from rock paints, and was totally entranced with the beautiful gold, silver, and unglazed earthenware and abandoned expressing Yamato-e in oils.

I studied alone the fundamentals of Japanese paintings. I spend my youthful days in the world of Yamato-e, and try to create Yamato-e that express the Yamato-e that still lives in contemporary culture.
I would like to be an artist who can provide vitality and happiness, dreams and hope to the people who see my paintings, and that is my dream and hope.
by Nansei Sakagami
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